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Acan Lover 5 Pack - Instant Collection Lot Deal Grade A - Ultra

Acan Lover 5 Pack - Instant Collection Lot Deal Grade A - Ultra

$ 124.99

Acan Lovers Pack

  • You will receive 5 Grade A to Ultra Acan Frags of our choice
  • We will not send you duplicates (unless you request all similar colors/patterns)
  • You may receive a range of red, green, orange, and unique acans but we can not guarantee exactly which frags you will receive
  • Each frag will have as many as 3 heads
  • Photograph is a small sampling of our stock and will be updated/changed regularly to give an idea of what we have on hand at the moment - generally we have a few hundred on hand depending on order volume for the week

Shipping is FREE on this item - If you purchase this item you can add on as many extras as you like for free as well by choosing "add-on" or "local pickup" shipping. We will then combine your orders into 1 box. 

Do you ship corals? 
We do - Within the USA (lower 48 states only)

I already made an order, can I add to it? 
Yes, but only if we have not shipped it yet - Simply choose "Add-On Shipping" and in the notes tell us to add it to your last order. 

What service does no coast coral ship with?
We ship via FedEx Overnight 

What days do you ship? 
Mon-Thurs for Tues-Fri delivery

Can you ship for Saturday delivery?
Yes, but it is an added expense and is at your own risk. We recommend shipping during the week in case the shipment is delayed it won't sit over the weekend. Call or text us after making your order if you would like to choose Saturday delivery for an additional charge.

How do you package items for shipment? 
Packaging is done with insulated boxes, double bagged, and with heat packs when necessary. Corals are padded with peanuts and/or paper and extra care is taken to protect delicate corals with proven methods we've used over the years.

Do you check the weather before shipping? 
We do - If your area or the airports it will need to transition through are showing delays due to inclement conditions we will delay your shipment. If you request shipment during this time, it is at your own risk.

Are Dead On Arrival corals covered? 
They are - You must provide clear photographs within 2 hours of the first delivery attempt. Please email it to us or text it to us at 469-609-REEF - We do our best to ensure items arrive alive but can not cover delays caused by the carrier, weather, or missed delivery attempts.

Do you dip your corals?
We do - no coast coral dips all incoming shipments with Bayer before they enter our system. We highly recommend that you dip any coral before placing it in your tank as well. Dipping your corals (yes, even those from people you trust) before placing in the tank can avoid headache and heart break later.

What lighting do you use? 
We use a combination of Nano-XT lights and Kessil A160we lighting on our tanks.

I'm unhappy with my order, what should I do? 
Call or text us at 469-609-REEF and we'll do our best to help. 

I'm happy with my order, what should I do? 
Tell your friends and share our page on facebook!

Do You Accept Local Pick Up Orders? 
Yes, customers are always welcome to pick up and take a look at our frag tank.